Who was Khufu?

Section 2.1.1

Names: Khufu, Cheops (greek), Khnum-Khufwy (= The God Khnum protects me).  

Status: 2. king in the 4th dynasty. Worshipped as a God.

Reign: 2589 - 2566 BC to his death.

Father: King Snofru (Seneferu)

Mother: Queen Hetep-heres I.

Wifes: 1st Merey-it-es, 2nd Henutsen, (3rd Hetep-heres I, after the death of Snofru ? ).


With Merey-it-es : Crown Prince Kawab died before Khufu.

With Merey-it-es : Hor-Djedef, Babaef I, Minkhaf I, Hor-baf, (Buefre ?).

With Hetep-heres I : 1. successor Prince Djedefra.

With Henutsen : 2. successor Prince Khufu-Khaf, (Khafre = Khephren) of Djedefra.

With Henutsen : Khufukhaf I, Herutataf.


With Merey-it-es : Hetep-heres II married to Kawab.

With Merey-it-es : Meresankh II.

With ? : Khamerernebty married to Khafre.

With ? : Nefertiabet,  Merey-it-es II.

Section 2.1.2

Name of the pyramid : Akhet Khufu (=Khufu´s resurrection)